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It provides news and information and the conformity assessment internationally.

Case Studies:

Case studies are benefits that it delivers.


Forthcoming events in relation to the conformity assessment.

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Other information related to conformity assessment.

The GSC logo is used by accredited conformity assessment bodies to indicate their services that they meet the requirements GSC (Geneva Standard Certification).

The Logo is also used by organizations to emphasize that their products, processes or services been awarded an accredited certificate.

Certification Bodies are encouraged to use the logo on their websites, brochures and Certificates.

This may be used either separately or may be used in combination with the logo of an accredited body.

Use of logo or its likeliness as a company for any of the commercial use logo is prohibited.


Back Ground:

The logo can be used on the solid color background. The white background is the preferred choice.

When used on the colored background, it must be used in a color choice that provides color contrast.

Rotation / Orientation:

At all times, use of the logo in its normal vertical orientation is preferred.

Additional Instructions about Use of Logo: