Think of them as a formula that describes the best way of doing something.

It could be about making a product, managing a process, delivering a service or supplying materials – standards cover a huge range of activities.

Standards are the distilled wisdom of people with expertise in their subject matter and who know the needs of the organizations they represent – people such as manufacturers, sellers, buyers, customers, trade associations, users or regulators.

For instance,

Quality management standards to help work more efficiently and reduce product failures.
Environmental management standards to help reduce environmental impacts, reduce waste and be more sustainable.
Health and safety standards to help reduce accidents in the workplace.
Energy management standards to help cut energy consumption.
Food safety standards to help prevent food from being contaminated.
IT security standards to help keep sensitive information secure.
Discover some of the best-known and most widely-used standards, as well as those that address recently emerged challenges affecting us all.